Meet Newman



Newman Abuissa is an Iowan, a father, a husband, a DoT engineer, and now, a candidate for Congress from Iowa's Second District.

Newman was born into a Christian family in Damascus. His mother is illiterate but wanted her seven children to be schooled and they all eventually pursued higher education.

About three decades ago, he immigrated to the US to study at South Dakota State University, where he met his wife Kristi. After obtaining his Bachelor's and Master’s degrees in Civil Engineering he found work with the Iowa Department of Transportation and Newman and Kristi moved to Ames. Immediately after becoming a citizen, they moved to Iowa City and he got involved with the Democratic Party. He served as an alternate national delegate for John Kerry, and in recent years he chaired the International Affairs subcommittee of the Platform Committee.


Newman with FamilyNewman and Kristi have 4 kids: Tareq, Razzi, Yusef and Maryam.

Newman and Kristi have been living in Iowa City for over 25 years, where they are both active in their church, community and various volunteer organizations.

Newman, Kristi and their kids strive to embody true Iowa values: strong work ethics, kindness, community service, and being good stewards of our environment. These values, as well as Newman's love for Iowa, are what is driving him to run.





- Iowa Department of Transportation engineer of 25 years - overseeing several multi-million dollar highway projects
- Member of the University of Iowa Center for Human Rights
- Member of Council of International Visitors to Iowa Cities (CIVIC)
- Board member of PEACE Iowa
- Chair of the International Affairs Sub-committee of the Platform Committee - Iowa Democratic Party
- Alternate national delegate - John Kerry Campaign