Iowa Infrastructure is Ranked Among Worst in the Country


A recent analysis ranks Iowa as having the ninth worst infrastructure in the country!

From railways, to highways and bridges, to drinking water and power stations, our infrastructure is what makes our economy run and our workforce thrive. This infrastructure, unfortunately, is need of urgent care and attention. Years of deferred maintenance and neglect has led to the American Society of Civil Engineers to described Iowa's infrastructure as "mediocre".


Iowa's Infrastructure 2019 Report Card (American Society of Civil Engineers):

Full Report


Newman's Professional Experience is What Iowa's 2nd District Needs


Being an Iowa DoT engineer for the last 25 years, and being professionally trained as a civil engineer, makes Newman one of the most qualified experts who can understand Iowa's infrastructure needs.

To improve Iowa's infrastructure, we need to double-down our efforts to maintain and rebuild. We know that this can be done, because the report card shown above is actually an improvement from 2015 when we averaged C-.

This effort requires financial as well as political commitment, as well as the knowledge and professional experience that Newman has gained over decades of experience.